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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software development for handling the business is increasing every day. ERP is a software-enabled solution which is used to control all the information and functions of a business. ERP software systems include different ERP modules operations for the ERP business solutions like planning, development of the product, sales, and marketing.

What is Samaritan Enterprise Resource Planning software development (ERP)

Our Company is knowledge in offering end to end ERP solutions and ERP consultant services for highly automated, computerized and quick transactions throughout the organization. We have an excellent team for the custom ERP application development at all the stages to improve the operation efficiently. We provide custom ERP Consulting services for a small and medium-sized organization with the best ERP software packages.

ERP Software System

Samaritan InfoTech is an experienced ERP software provider to help companies select the right ERP system and implement it accordingly so that the results have ultimate success. We are here to assist you best ERP software solutions if you are searching for proficient experts to develop your requirement of best ERP software systems. We cater ERP software solutions to following diversified verticals which made Samaritan InfoTech a well renowned ERP software company:

Hospital Management

An enterprise content management software promotes collaboration within the organization workspace with the integration of records retention functionalities, management of digital assets, and document management and providing access based on roles to the company’s digital assets for the end-use.

Gems And Diamond Industry

Samaritan Infotech also offer functionality that automates the entire thing. Using a built-in workflow management component, your organization saves time and money by reducing photocopying, hand delivery and repetitive dragging and dropping.


Whatever you need to do online, we provide a wide array of web development experts to make it happen. As an expert Content Management System development company in Indore, we specialize in building quality web applications such as content approve, moderate, manage, delete, place new content/image/videos and more.


Our CMS development has seen a vital shift over the last few years. With technology advancements and deviations in programming landscape, the demands of business functionalities have changed.


Nowadays, web services are becoming more and more popular with increasing mobile access and development of CMS. Anyone who would come up with a website will definitely expect it to grow to attract more and more visitors.

Jewelry Trading

We have our name popularized by developing supreme web applications for CMS, e-commerce and e-learning S/W, CRM, business process automation and so on. Our applications adhere to the latest in web standards and are known for their usability, quality, security etc.


Samaritan InfoTech is following 3 steps to develop & give top most designed to our end users

Homework & Collaboration

Once a business has come up with clear defined goals that the new ERP system must achieve and defined some tangible metrics to judge success then the next step is to find the right product and the right vendor.

Resources and Team

Implementing an ERP project requires an internal project manager and team. Whilst the majority of businesses try to achieve this by assigning these roles to key members of the business and making them continue to do the day-to-day work that has made them key, it is ultimately a struggle and causes issues with the project and the business.

Data Migration

There are many pitfalls in the sub-project of data migration, but the underlying starting point is to be realistic. It should also be noted from the budgeting section that this area is not generally in the budget at the outset and therefore the business needs to consider what adding a multitude of days development would do to the budget at this stage.

Samaritan InfoTech

Benefits and Key Features of Samaritan ERP

Here have why you have need ERP and what will be basic advatages of Samaritan ERP. we offer custom CMS as per business need.

  • Multi-User / Multi-Company / Multi-Currency

    The increasing globalization of mid-sized companies has resulted in increasingly complex financial data. Group accounting has become a business challenge, as information must be gathered from numerous cities or countries, different currencies, and internal entities.

  • User Friendly Interface

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are not known for being user friendly, instead they are known for being complex and technical software solutions.

  • Service/Product History

    Samaritan ERP Allowed to history as per uses such as latest transaction, last product/service Update, recent uploading, user activity, client request/Complaint/Enquiry and much more.

  • Total Control

    Samaritan has an open its users and administrators to take complete control on the system with its highly configurable and modular solution, that helps administrators and teachers to build their.

  • Manage Inventory Activities

    Such is the importance of inventory control to an organization’s efficiency and profitability that they can’t simply rely on error-prone manual methods of inventory handling. That’s actually why so many companies select IT tools for inventory control, including warehouse management system and ERPs so that all of its components are managed by one integrated system.

  • High Return On Investment

    With so many different perspectives on how to calculate the Return on Investment of an ERP solution, we thought we would give our own Opinion as per client requirement.

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